look attractive naturally 

Easy ways to look attractive naturally 

Looking attractive naturally is the wish of every girl and boy because every person gives priority to the handsome guy. To look attractive people use third-party things like creams, facials, makeup and cosmetics.

Disadvantages of make-up 

Using makeup definitely, you can get an attractive look on the spot. But with the passage of time, your skin faces a different kinds of skin diseases and you look overaged. There are some disadvantages of make-up.

  • There are small pores in the skin when we use makeup continuously our pores skin pores blocked as a result we look overaged.
  • We face dry or oily skin by daily use of makeup 
  • Skin faces different kinds of allergies and even cancer 
  • The Colour of the skin may change 


The disadvantages only appear when we use make-up in our daily routine or we don’t wash it before going to the bed. If you are facing oily skin, there are also natural ways to solve the problem of oily skin. 

Now there are some easy ways to look attractive without makeup 

Wear good dress to look attractive 

Girl wearing attractive dress

When we are talking about to look attractive naturally and handsome we can not forget the value of dressing. The dressing is a powerful way that has a direct impact on our personality. 

When we meet a person first time in life, the first impact that leaves an impression in the other mind is our dressing sense.

Males and females have different dressing styles. Wear clothes in which you feel comfortable and confident. 

Don’t wear more accessories and never be afraid of the colour but try to wear the colour according to the theme. Select wisely the wristwatch that you are wearing with your suit because the watch enhances beauty. 

Try to use jeans or a dress that highlights your body, because it is a great source of attraction for your best friends and the guys are attracted most by wearing these types of clothes.

Try to use simple underwear that is not shown if you wear light colour paint or genes. Try to wear clothes that are friendly with modern fashion and trending styles of wearing.

Use good shampoo 

Shampoo plays a vital role in the enhancement of our hair. For this reason, we have to work on our hair. It is very difficult because it leads to the hair type and selecting a good shampoo. 

After choosing shampoo you have to select a good hairstyle. 

Choosing a good hairstyle depends upon the face shape. First, you have to know your face shape. I personally recommend you to use Dove shampoo because it locks the nutrients of the hair. (This is not for any promotion)

Focus on your Diet plan 

We are talking about to look attractive naturally, that’s why the diet plan is very necessary for looking handsome without makeup. There are different nutrients in natural products that enhance your colour, empower your hair, and solve other problems that are related to the skin.

Some of them are in front of you 

  • Fish play a vital role in your colour glowing contains Omega 3 which helps to produce oil for the skin that helps to solve oily skin problems. It also helps the skin to look younger even if the age is increasing
  • Use Dark chocolate in your diet, because it contains ingredients that help the skin resist sunlight and it also regulates the blood towards the skin. It also reduces dehydration on the skin. 
  • Use Sunflower seeds because it contains vitamin E and this vitamin is very useful for our skin it plays a role to look younger and works against ageing. 
  • If you are facing acne on your face then green tea is a gift of god for you because it contains catechins that help to work against acne. it also helps to unlock the pores of the skin in addition it is also a best treatment for oily skin. 

Focus on your body to look attractive 

To look attractive naturally working on the body is most important. Because 99% of girls and boys like muscular bodies. The muscular body is the base point, if we talk about dressing good body is also required. 

Working on the body is not difficult there are many exercises for muscular strength at home without going to the gym and using any third-party food like eating proteins.  There are some basic exercises that can help you to improve your body.

  • Running 
  • Cycling 
  • Swimming
  • Push-ups

These are some basic exercises for the body By acting upon this instruction  you will definitely get a good look and impressive for others 

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